2020......say no more

I don’t know about you but I was feeling super positive about 2020 last year and not much could have prepared me for what was to come. The strangest year of my life with lockdowns, restrictions and businesses closing everywhere, it’s been a really tough one.  A lot of hardship, pain and self reflecting - that’s how I’ve seen this year so far.  But as with everything there is always opportunity, you just have to dig a little deeper this year to find it.  We started making masks - never would I ever have dreamed that this would be on the cards but that’s life - you never know what’s around the corner.  It’s been fun and challenging and I’m learning like everybody else to survive in this struggling economy.  We’ve added some matching thongs just for fun because fun and laughter is what everyone needs right now to lift the spirits.  Summer 2020 is looking exciting too with a very strong African influence coming through in our range.  I think it’s extremely important now for everyone to change their mindset about buying local products - we need to support local brands to grow our economy and local brands need to up their game and make sure quality and price are competitive with the international market.   This is going to be a super challenging year but we ready for it  so keep an eye out for this next chapter in the growth of our swimwear brand .  Stay safe and stay strong, ❤️

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