About Us

Welcome to TracyB!
I am Tracy, the designer behind the brand - it's my absolute passion making swimwear and I've been doing it forever!!  Well it certainly feels like it - ever since I was a little girl but now I'm a mom of three kids and running a business from Cape Town which is exciting and challenging at the same time.  Anybody who runs their own business will know what I'm talking about - there never seems to be spare time but I'm loving it.  I'm enjoying traveling whenever I can get the chance - it inspires me and I thrive on finding  treasures wherever I go that influence my designs.  I'm a self-confessed shopaholic that loves anything to do with the ocean and fashion.

Feel free to contact me at tracy@tracyb.co.za or tracyb3000@gmail.com if you have any queries on where to find my swimsuits or if you'd like something unique made up.  Otherwise sign up on our website to get the latest news.